Going back in time

Coiled Pottery activity at Manjusha Museum, Dharmasthala

An activity rooted in rural tradition took place on 18th of July at the Manjusha Museum, Dharmasthala on clay modeling with huge response. Students from SDM Kannada medium high school participated in clay modeling activity and articulated their creativity. The Museum organized this activity for students to make them aware of traditional clay modeling technique. The students took part in the activity with great enthusiasm and produced commendable pieces of artwork which shall be sent to them for preservation once they are dry and painted.

The activity began with visit to the entire museum. Students were taught one of the ancient pottery making techniques called ‘coiled pottery’ during the activity by the museum staff. Coiling has been used to shape clay into vessels for many thousands of years. This helped students to understand historic background of the coiled pottery and its process of making.  Participants expressed their different ideas while preparing coiled pottery. Material for pottery making was provided by the museum and students were awarded by certificate of participation. 

The informative cum creative activity ended with massive response from students, visitors as well as from museum staff. After these successful series of activities conducted, the museum is ready with more upcoming activities.